Can plain be amazing? Absolutely! Drink it straight or incorporate it into your favorite recipes. Nutty, yet not overpowering. Healthy, yet delicious. Almond milk, but not environment-stripping almond milk. You get where we're going with this.

Tropical Almond Milk Natural

  • Imagine drinking an almond milk totally guilt free. It's made from tropical almonds that save a whole lot of water grown in tropical Ghana. And it's diary-free too, so you're doing your only planet and your only body a huge favour. This pure blend of tropical almonds and water only is kept simple and pure - by adding nothing more it keeps everything. It's your obvious traditional milk substitute and plant milk option for just about anything - with your cup of morning tea, cereal bowl or smoothie, for baking cakes, tarts, muffins and the sort used in just the same way as dairy milk. And oh, how does it taste? A nutty delight, quite simply! Some have said it compares to macadamia, smooth, rich and velvety without being overbearing. And to top it all off your consumption will even end guilt-free as you won't have to helplessly discard of some plastic bottle in the trash - we'll happily take our glass bottles off your hands and recycle.