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Unlocking Innovation: R&D with Tropical Almonds

Updated: Feb 14

At Talmond, our journey began with a steadfast commitment to research and development, recognising the importance of a robust data background as we ventured into uncharted territory. Our initial focus was on understanding the tropical almond landscape in Ghana, particularly in terms of varieties and their popularity.

Strong phenotypic differences between different tropical almond genotypes.

After an exhaustive 18-month research endeavour, we successfully identified 116 varieties of tropical almonds across Ghana. Through meticulous analysis of their morphological and sensory characteristics, we pinpointed 24 elite genotypes that boasted the most desirable fruit and nut traits. These 24 varieties were carefully selected to serve as the cornerstone for all our operations.

Data analysis guides the selection of the 24 elite varieties from 116 collected tropical almond genotypes.

In our quest to ensure a steady supply of tropical almonds to scale our operations and deepen our expertise in the value chain, we took decisive action by securing a 13 ha farmland in the Suhum Municipality of Ghana's Eastern Region. Here, we've planted 1,258 tropical almond trees, laying the groundwork for a flourishing agroforestry system with cocoa and plantain inter-copped. But we don't plan to stop there; we're ambitiously working towards expanding our tropical almond agroforestry model to outgrower farmers.

Complementing our farming efforts is our nursery, strategically located in the Eastern Region, which has been instrumental in raising 7,000 seedlings since 2022. Looking ahead, we're gearing up to raise an impressive 45,000 seedlings for the upcoming 2024 planting season. This proactive approach ensures a sustainable supply chain and positions us for growth in the tropical almond industry.

7.000 tropical almond seedlings from 24 elite varieties nursed in Talmond's first nursery.

Our dedication to research, cultivation, and expansion forms the bedrock of our operations. With a data-driven mindset and a commitment to excellence, we're poised to make a significant impact in Ghana's agricultural landscape and beyond.

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